How strong would a magnetic field have to be to kill you?

Gravity and Levity

There’s a great joke in Futurama, the cartoon comedy show, about a horror movie for robots.  In the movie, a planet of robots is terrorized by a giant “non-metallic being” (a monsterified human).  The human is finally defeated by a makeshift spear, which prompts the robot general to say:

“Funny, isn’t it?  The human was impervious to our most powerful magnetic fields, yet in the end he succumbed to a harmless sharpened stick.”

The joke, of course, is that the human body might seem much more fragile than a metallic machine, but to a robot our ability to withstand enormous magnetic fields would be like invincibility.

But this got me thinking: how strong would a magnetic field have to be before it killed a human?

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Unlike a computer hard drive, the human body doesn’t really make use of any magnetic states — there is nowhere in the body where important…

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The Artist and the Pastor

The Artist and the Pastor

Currently we have 2 of our Australian sons in an Indonesian jail on an island intended for state sanctioned murder, that are about to be taken out the back and shot like dogs.  This is the short version of course, however it pretty much sums it up nicely too.  For the younger generations of Aussies who are completely appalled by this and have only had a vague notion of what Indonesia actually does with their condemned, then welcome to the incredibly barbaric show.  This has been going on for decades now, however no one knew exactly what it entailed until these 2 young men came into the spotlight, and for all the wrong reasons.

Personally, I have been following this case from the beginning.  As this unfolds I will be making regular entries, whilst trying to document this from its inception right through to the end so please bear with me as I do.  I am doing so with hope still in my heart that this will end with our boys being allowed to have the most basic human right of all: the right to live.



Until next time be good to each other, cause we’re all we’ve got.

Comrade Mumma Bear.

Australia’s dirty little ‘public’ secret.


Asylum seekers inside the Manus Island processing centre have sewn their lips together in protest at their lengthy detention, poor living conditions and the prospect of resettling in Papua New Guinea.

An asylum seeker who spoke to the ABC said 15 people have sewn their lips together and 400 men are on hunger strike.

Australia’s Immigration Department runs the centre and confirmed that detainees were protesting, but said it was a passive protest and asylum seekers were not refusing food. – ABC News 24.

What on earth is happening?  Is the world crazy, or is it just a few of us who are insane in thinking this is completely unacceptable and call for the detention of innocents to be stopped?

No we are sane in believing so, and there should be more of us who are prepared to oppose this travesty of not giving human rights, legal assistance, proper mental and physical care to the hundreds of people that have tried to find  freedom from persecution from their homelands for themselves and their families.

This morning as I sat down with my morning cuppa I watched as one dear soul has gone one step further and decided to swallow razor blades.  This human being is NOT a terrorist, he is, in fact a Christian from Egypt who had to flee from being persecuted for his beliefs.  To all you Aussie Christians out there who believe what this current government is doing is humane and for the best, I ask you this:  How do you feel about detaining fellow Christians? Doesn’t this fall under the realm of  ‘Christian persecution’?  If you think it doesn’t think again and perhaps go see a doctor about your apathy levels.

I suppose it was ok to the Christians when they just thought they were all Muslims huh.  Now how do you feel? I’ll tell you something, if you still support detention centers and off shore processing you aren’t Christians.  Not REAL Christians at any rate.  Sure you can think you are, and you can pray for the Lord to ‘intercede’ on your behalf etc etc however that is not enough and deep down inside you know that to be true. 

The incarceration of any innocent is wrong in my opinion, regardless of race, gender, colour or religion, and the last time I checked everyone is considered  to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by our laws.  So what have these poor people done to be placed in such horrific conditions by a 1st world country?  Nothing.  The short answer is political greed for the fools in power and fear of the unknown for the fools who let them be elected.

Ignorance is a very dangerous tool when wielded by anyone let alone people in powerful positions who are supposed to be working for us, the people who put them there.  This current Abbott government are treating these refugees like they are POW’s and the POW camps are offshore.  You can dip a turd in chocolate however it’s still a turd underneath, and this is what is happening with these so-called ‘detention centers.  They’re just glorified POW camps.  

The Abbott government has also used the children detained in these centers as political pawns, trying to manipulate the opposition and independents by getting these children to beg to MP’s to pass bills for this government.  What is any real Christian supposed to make of that and then sleep soundly at night?  This is the time to show everyone what real Christianity is all about, forgiveness and grace.  

The people in power, whether they be politicians/heads of state, or the real people in charge, big global corporations make no mistake they are in it for the greed folks and nothing more.  

Hundreds of asylum seekers in Mike Compound are on hunger strike and refusing to return to their compounds as a wave of protest sweeps Manus Island detention centre from Tuesday morning and into the night.

Other compounds are expected to join the hunger strike on Wednesday as chants of “Freedom, What do we want, Freedom” were going back and forward between Mike, Foxtrot and Delta compounds Tuesday night.

At least one asylum seeker in Mike Compound has stitched his lips in protest. The protest began on Tuesday morning as running water stopped on Manus Island –meaning there is no water for the showers or to wash. Hundreds of plastic bottles are piling up in shower blocks.

Threats by guards to send in PNG police to disperse the protesters and force the asylum seekers in Mike Compound back to their rooms have only added to the fears and the tensions in the detention centre. – Refugee Action

Names like ‘Mike’ ‘Foxtrot’ ‘Delta’ for these ‘compounds’….has such an imposingly military ring to it, huh.

Until next time, be good to each other.

Comrade Mumma Bear.


Hi and welcome to my blog. I created it with the intention of having it for my kids, like a journal for them of me. However I feel I’m going to expand it, ranging from politics to martial arts, photography to global news, while still keeping it as a journal to pass onto my kids. There is a good reason for this, however that is for another time dear ones. In the meantime to whoever stumbles across this blog, a HUGE WELCOME and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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